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I always thought MJ was a weird dude, and especially when growing up, didn't really enjoy his music (to be fair, I hated pop of all types and still mostly do, have always liked far darker styles that confronted issues of suffering, strife, anger, suicide, hate, loss, despair.

When the allegations first started coming up, I kind of casually assumed they must be true. It was only after looking into just how shady much of that turned out to be that I came around to the idea that he was more likely to be unfairly accused for various reasons. Things like the Chandler dad, I mean holy crap. He used a potentially lethal drug cocktail on his young son during a dental session to try to implant the evidence, was caught on tape talking about extorting MJ, was further caught on tape saying he didn't care what happened to his son, just "That's irrelevant to me ... It will be a massacre if I don't get what I want." I mean holy crap.

And then the 'he had kids in his bedroom'. Ehh, sort of not really? His 'bedroom' for the Neverland sleepovers often included parents, and consisted of a gymnasium like area with bunk beds, trampolines, etc.

I've seen credible commentary that basically shows MJ to be asexual. He certainly didn't seem to be interested in either females or males in particular, despite all of the opportunity in the world as a megastar.

He definitely seemed to continually spiral downwards from the early 1980s onward though, irrespective of his career arc, he became more and more isolated, physically wasted, and overmedicated right to the end. Stress and mental deterioration really seemed to take their toll.

Any credible evidence that he harmed anyone would be enough to change my mind, I never knew the guy and never listened to the music then or now, but it just all seems super shady overall. The worst the guy seems to be provably guilty of is being really strange, and really rich.