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I was born in the 90's so my only experience and knowledge about Michael Jackson, was in 2003 when the second allegation came up and I was only 10 to 12 years old. I remember seeing the infamous video with his face appearance through the years and I was freaked out. Seriously, that was a very hard image for a ten years old kid. So, as you can understand, anything bad i would hear about this man, would seriously lead me to believe it. But, after his death and after seeing all the video clips of him (as MTV played them for a whole week) and starting learning stuff about MJ, I really started to feel a bit guilty for being so critical about him. But what did I know, and what could i thnik of him, under this frame the media were creating. Even after he was found innocent, I had my doubts.

I seriously believe that not only his was a really talented man, but more than that, a charismatic personality. A man who can make you love him and get inspired by his speech (let alone his music and dancing skills). So, when a charismatic man, comes along with huge success, it's easy to think that many will be dissapointed by that (especcially when they come second to a black one) and many more will try to absorb by his glory and reputation. The biggest mistake of MJ is that he just couldn't understand and mainily didn't want to understand, that the world even if you are the Jesus himslef, can't accept the fact, that you can sleep with underage children. Jackson thought that his charity campaigns, allowed him to do that. Be careful. By saying sleeping with children, under no cimcunstances I mean that anyone is anyway a child molester. But everything has each line. It's just how it is. And you have to protect your fans too. Your fans like you as an enternainer and as a humanitarian. You can't ask from them to defend you, for stuff like that. So, I trully believe that MJ always had the best intentions and under no way did he do anything innapropriate. But, every chase brought by his accusers really don't persuade me in the least.

The second one it's the most obvious one as he was judged and found innocent. The first one was abviously orchestrated from a man, who disparately wanted some money, for his personal ambitions. Michael had to fight for his dignity and to show to the future malicious accusers, that he isn't an easy target. By accepting this contract, the only he achieved was to make all of them know, that by accusing and destroying someone, you can also earn a ton of money. So, as for the accusers we speak right now, seriously i ca'nt find any credibility in their words. Wade said that,he understood that all stuff MJ did to him was molestation, but after he had a child and a breakdown. So, he's trying to say that Jackson made penetration to him, but his was able to understand this after 30 years. Even if this is right, I dont understand why you have to make a whole documentary about this and why you claim so big amount of money and after your first denunciation was rejected. Another case, of ungrateful dudes who stopped gaining popularity and power with their association with MJ busines, and try to earn even more with immoral ways.

Last edited by Quodam_Diem - on 05 February 2023