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3sexty said:
PortisheadBiscuit said:

Assumptions to be made from a book that isn't illegal? Not really unless you're grasping for straws. Keep in mind, just because Jackson settled didn't mean criminal charges couldn't have been filed as well. Once the Chandlers got what they wanted ($20 million), they had no interest in pursuing a criminal case. It's also speculated that Jackson was too sick at the time to have undergone a civil trial. It's known he was battling an addiction to pain medication at the time and his advisors at the time didn't want him to go through with it. As regards to Jordan accurately describing Jackson's genitals, that's a bit of revisionist history. There are conflicting accounts on how accurately he described them, one account stating Jordan claimed Jackson was circumcised when he in fact was not. A grand jury felt there was no clear match with Jordan's descriptions. 

Yes the book is a piece of anecdotal evidence and as we both have stated it is not illegal. I still agree on. This. But let's make one thing  clear if we have a collection of this type of evidence even if it cannot corroborate a position of guilt, one would still be strongly inclined to make assumptions in regards to the type of behaviour on display. It's human nature to do so. Let me ask, in knowing these details would you be comfortable leaving your child unsupervised with MJ. Good human judgement would err on the side of very strong caution here and I know I wouldn't. That's for sure. As a parent if you see smoke in a direction, you would steer clear of it even if there is by small chance no fire there. The anecdotal evidence makes a strong case for at least  somekind of judgement call.Again its an opinion which many people share based on what we know. 

To be honest, before the show aired (refuse to call it a documentary) I had doubts about MJ because yes the situation is weird. It wasnt until I started digging deeper in the last week where I see just how much scum MJ had surrounded himself. From maids, to security guards, families of fans, even LaToya betrayed him at one point. He lived a super sheltered life, never got to associate with kids outside of his siblings. I truly believe he was only able to be comfortable around children, and yes our tainted minds lead us to believe he's a sicko because of it. However, no one knows what it's like to be Michael Jackson except, Michael Jackson.