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Soundwave said:

I think Jackson was an incredible artist and talent and I am a big fan of his music, unfortunately at this point after researching a lot of things, I have to lean towards him being guilty. Just for me a few things beyond just this documentary.

1.) In the late 70s when Jackson was about 21 he had a British boy who was about 13 reached out to him and want to interview him. They exchanged phones numbers and would chat on the phone a lot. After a few weeks of this, Jackson brought up masturbation and told the kid if was masturbating right at that moment. The kid didn't react well to this and according to him Jackson called later to apologize. This boy (now grown adult in his 40s) has never asked for money and has no reason to lie. I don't remember the part in Peter Pan where Peter has a masturbation conversation with the Lost Boys.

2.) According to Jackson's own driver, Jackson slept at Jordy Chandler's home (the 1st accuser in 1993) *thirty nights* in a row, and he would sleep in Jordy's bed with him. When they went to hotels they would also sleep together while Jordy's mother and sister slept in a separate room. This is a repeated pattern with him where he chooses a boy, then befriends the family, then a few innocent sleepovers happen, the parents protest when the kid first sleeps over in his bed, he then asks if they love him, etc. etc. Gradually the kid will start sleeping with Jackson unsupervised, and Jackson buys the mother or parents a gift/trips/in some cases a house mortgage. This happened multiple times to multiple families with a young boy in the same pattern.

3.) There's also a pattern of him having new "boy companion" every few years and then basically dumping them the moment they turn 15/16 (hit puberty). And it's never a fat, ugly kid either.

4.) He seemed to have zero interest in women. By all accounts Brooke Shields, who was considered one of the hottest young women of the time wanted a relationship with him and according to her it was always strictly platonic (even more bizarrely she was his date to the Grammys in the 80s, but he also took along child star Emmaneul Lewis). Tatum O'Neal, another sexy actress by his own admission basically jumped him for sex and he ran out of there. Tatiana Thumbzen, the gorgeous model who was in the "Way You Make Me Feel" video was in love with Jackson and was even pushed by Jackson's mom to make a move on him, when she kissed him during a concert performance, she was immediately fired the next day. According to his second wife, Debbie Rowe, they never had sex, she was artificially insemeinated and that was that. If he was gay, ok fine, but there's even less evidence of any romantic relationships he had with grown men either. 

That and just too many other red flags here. If he was really interested in reliving his childhood, having birthday parties, water fights, playing Peter Pan, etc. why not do it for 4-7 hours a day under parental supervision and leave the sleeping with children part out of it? Especially when it caused massive damage to his career in 1993? The only reason to continue that behavior is if he needed to have those sleepovers for another reason. I'd like to be wrong on this, but I hate to say it, I don't think I'm wrong.

Not to mention the fact that he only "befriended" young "good looking" boys, where were the fat kids? The young girls? The ugly boys? The man had a specific type of boy that he would always "befriend".