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PortisheadBiscuit said:
3sexty said:

Apart from several books containing nude images of children particularly boys. Look it up. The books were however not deemed to be illegal. Sill quite quite revealing about the character in question. 

These were books commercially available to the public, not some underground creepy child porn. It'd be like calling someone a pedo because they have a copy of Nirvana's Nevermind album with the naked baby on the cover in their home. I suppose cupid is child porn as well? You also failed to mention things like Playboy and Penthouse were found in his home, no little boys found in those publications. 

At the end of the day, nothing the FBI found was admitted into evidence against Jackson. You want to believe he's guilty as sin and that's fine, but all the 'hard evidence' against MJ is all anecdotal and has been that way since 1993. 

And there was also a book titled  'the boy-a photographic essay which exclusively contained nude pics of young boys. Again not illegal by any measure but don't you think that a reasonable assumption can be drawn here? There is such thing as legitimising illegal behaviour with legal content. YouTube is a known hotspot for this kind of thing. Also the whole Chandler fiasco which ended in a large sum of payments was a highly questionable case which included accurate details when Jordan was asked to describe MJs private body parts. No charges laid because this case culminates to large sums of money money being paid. It all adds up in the end. Lucky for him he had shit loads of money and lawyers that could fight off these claims. It all reminds of the OJ case. Technically innocent but guilty as all fuck. Add to this that all the accusations had similar themes of getting to know the child, befriend the family, invite them over to Neverland and even have the entire family relocate so that countless nights could be spent sharing a bed with the child. Now all this does not come out looking incredibly strange??? I think it's very damning. But hey that's just an opinion. 

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