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It's a really complicated issue that we, ultimately, will not get full closure from both sides because Michael Jackson has long been gone.

As many have said here in this thread, there are so many layers that built off one another. From MJ's rough upbringing, his unusual habits/lifestyle over the years, his behavior, his interaction with children (and others), the media scrutiny he had to endure since childhood, how much the scrutiny evolved as he became an adult and even more famous, the tabloids, his drug addiction, etc. Granted, he put all of the children stuff on himself by being a bit too attached to them, especially when they were at his home in Neverland Ranch, of all places.

I also agree that timing of this documentary (with all of the #MeToo movement, the use of social media, how easily we can point fingers and make accusations on one another, etc.) have made this new documentary release...too convenient. All of this stuff have already been discussed and dissected ever since the allegations went public in 1993. Michael Jackson was, arguably, the biggest star in the world at that time. Thus, the allegations had huge exposure even until the bitter end of his life. I wonder...why now? The man has been dead since 2009. What do the accusers want to gain out of this at this point? Where and when will it end?

He was a weird, unusual, complex, but talented man. I wonder how could he survive in such a world today, with social media being a 24/7 newsfeed and never ending discussion?