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As was the case with Brett Kavanaugh, the issue is not whether we believe him to be innocent or not, but whether there is proof that he is guilty. That is all that matters, and cleary there is not and has never been been any since he was never found guilty in a court of law. To come after him now, now that he's dead and can't defend himself, is just sickening. When I read the simpsons creators explain why they've decided to ban the Michael Jackson episode because of this, it's absolutely disgusting. They have been aware of what the accusations are and have never had issues with it. And now it's all "Oh, we believe he's guilty, so we're banning the episode". Rather, they profited off of him as much as they could during his life, and now they see this as a way to get a "second bang" for their buck by throwing him under the bus, hoping it'll satisfy and please the bloodthirsty lefties who believe accusations without proof should be enough to ruin a person's reputation and win them their favors.

Those who are ready to condemn Jackson now had better hope no one they love meets the same fate. If someone they know and love has something similar happen to them, I hope the guilt of knowing that they contributed to creating such a world by blindly believing "victims" and by not asking for proof will haunt them until they die.