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Hiku said:

My memory of details are hazy, but I seem to recall at least one party admitting they made things up in order to get money.
He seemed like he could have been a very kind person. Though I don't know what to think, and grown men wanting to spend that much time with kids is suspicious and I don't think parents should allow unsupervised visits no matter who it is.

I haven't seen the latest documentary, but since he is dead, I think no matter what the truth is, his art should still live on as it's been such a strong inspiration and influence on countless people.

3sexty said: 

The one boy and prob one of the more recent ones to becone close to MJ and to this day still close to MJ's family had this to say when pressed about the accusations. If you read his history and his relationship to Michael it certainly appears more like a love affair.the way Michael befriended the parents to gain access to the child seemed frightfully similar to all the other stories. 

“I don’t wish to say too much about it, but I will say Michael in many ways was very innocent. But you can’t expect everybody to have the same view on everything. […] To him certain things was natural and completely innocent, things that not necessarily all people would view the same way.”

– Omer Bhatti towards Elle (a norwegian magazine)

Sounds to me like he is referring to how Michael would have the kids at his amusement park and sleepovers.
Those are the things people find suspicious, for good reason.

You sure could be right there. It is a very vague statement though and leaves alot to interpretation. 

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