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Kerotan said:
Wasn't proven guilty in court after an FBI investigation. I don't do trial by Netflix.

I've seen similar comments on several YouTube videos and Facebook posts but, being a former cop, I've seen too many instances where the bad guy went free or made some deal. That didn't make them innocent. They find a wording error in a report or the victim doesn't want to push the issue anymore or the couple has reconciled or whatever.


They say "The FBI did a ten year investigation and didn't find any evidence" when in fact there was over 1,000 pieces of evidence. It all comes down to what a jury believes and, at the end of the day, decent people don't want an innocent man to be punished. Especially if they're directly responsibile for making that decision.

I don't sympthize with the "victims" either. Based on what they admit, they helped Michael Jackson beat his case, covered for him, and kept silent when they knew certain behaviors were still going on. If the documentary is even mostly accurate, they all can rot.

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