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I'm somewhat conflicted:

Did he have an inappropriate relationship with children? Whichever way you want to slice it, yes! Even if none of it was sexual, sharing a bed with children who are not your own isn't okay......but why are we not making a documentary on the parents who allowed this to happen? As a father myself, my daughter is allowed to spend the night with four people, all of which are her grandparents. Once those allegations came to the surface, in 1993, that should have been enough for any decent parent. In my humble opinion, it would be like allowing your child to spend the night with somebody on a watchdog list. Putting your kid in potential harm's way because the potential predator is worth millions of dollars? That's beyond evil!

However, there needs to be concrete evidence. The accuser should always be taken seriously, yes, but we're also talking about a man who can no longer defend himself, and there is nobody left to ruin. If he did do it, then people shouldn't look the other way, but.....honestly, I don't know. It does suck because I'm trying not to be biased as a result of having grown up with his music, but these allegations have been impossible to ignore. If this were just about money, I'm sure that these would not be isolated accusations. In the world of music, precious few have been accused of having inappropriate relationships with children:

-Ted Nugent (supposedly became the legal guardian of his seventeen year old girlfriend when he was thirty, and was accused of sleeping with girls as young as thirteen. He even wrote a song called Jailbait where he talks about seducing a thirteen year old girl).
-The members of Led Zeppelin (they supposedly were screwing around with girls as young as thirteen).
-Elvis (Priscilla, if I remember correctly, was around fourteen years old when she became romantically involved with Elvis).
-Jerry Lee Lewis (married his thirteen year old cousin).
-Gary Glitter (ho, boy. If you want your stomach turned, google his story).

Michael did himself no favors by agreeing to do Martin Bashir's Living With Michael Jackson interview. He basically damned himself by admitting that he slept with children who were not his. Also, if I remember correctly, that's around the time when we started hearing rumblings about Jesus Juice.