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So you would want Sony to spend almost half there Cash on hand for a Publisher/Developers that has the promise of making $6b in however long GTAV has been on the market for? (6 years) Small detail, that $6b is made from GTAV selling over 90m copies, and sorry to say that's not all on Sony's platform.
Google "GTA 5 has now sold over 90 million copies and generated over $6 billion in revenue since its initial release."

What's in it for Take-Two exactly here? With MS investing heavily in Xbox and its eco-system and PC and Nintendo's Switch being the hottest device on the market, you think Take Two don't see the possible venue on the other platforms? They make a fortune selling there games on everything not just 1 platform. So not only will Sony waste almost half there Cash on hand in just there gaming division, the income will be a lot less than what Take Two is making now so it will probably take 10 years for Sony to make there money back on Take Two's purchase.

Also Take-Two wont have to share there profits on there games.

So basically I am just asking the question here, What's in it for Take-Two?

If they were brought out the negatives are..

They have to cross there fingers that Sony's next platform is incredibly successful
The Income they make gets more divided
They limit there games to 1 or 2 platforms
They could possibly lose development freedom

Last edited by Azzanation - on 14 March 2019