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I honestly don't really think about it, I buy games almost every other day if I'm on digital stores or in town, I collect both physical and digital but... these last two weeks alone I've maybe spent 200-300 on some Switch titles and a replacement copy of GTAV for the ps4.

Also picked up a 400GB micro SD card for my Switch if that counts as gaming purchase? it replaces my 256gb one which was no where near enough to keep up with my purchases, now between the 2 cards I have most of my titles downloaded (except for WWE2k)

For me when it comes to gaming it was one of the things that I kinda promised myself when I was a kid that I wouldn't miss out on any title I wanted when I was an adult so yeah... if there is a game I want to play I'll buy it, my bank balance is alright to support that.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?