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I spend very little on gaming. I have a friend that games more than me, so I borrow almost every AAA release from him. But, even when I was buying games, I probably only purchased 2-4 new per year, 4-6 used, and resold nearly every game after I stopped playing it. I also sell old hardware once I'm not using it anymore. I'd say that, counting hardware, and net of resales, gaming probably costs me an average of $300 per year.

I used to take a lot of pride in having net gaming software annual spending of less than $100. But, that required me to stay way behind the release schedules, which I decided to stop doing. I've also gotten lazy about reselling. Sometimes I sit on games for a while, and they drop in value significantly before I sell them. So, my software spend is probably a little higher than that now, even with all the borrowing.

I'm back to buying every major console (after skipping PS3 and Vita), so that's probably costing $200 or so per year on hardware, on average. But, with Ninty leaving the dedicated handheld market, I should be able to bring that average hardware spend down a bit going forward.

As for my income and how I get it..... I own a small residential remodeling company. I make roughly $100k per year.