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thismeintiel said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:
Switch: 385K
PS4: 204K
XBO: 221K

XBO had a strong 50$ off Promo (plus a 100S off One X Fallout 76 bundle), and Switch the 35$ Gift card promo, but PS4 had neither of those.

Additionally, all the bigger games that month fizzled out apart from Apex, so not many reasons to buy a console outside of the promos.

XBO had deals last month, too, yet the PS4 beat it almost 2:1. I just don't see the XBO beating PS4 til maybe Dec.

This only affected the very last week of January and the XBO was dead the 3 weeks before because of the discounts during the holiday season. It also showed this on the NPD prediction thread and that it had 0 chances to keep up with Switch and PS4 in January.

XBO was on sale in some form or another throughout February, and in front of the PS4 for half of it in the prediction thread, ending up slightly in front.

PS4 can end up beating the XBO, but it will be not by much if it does (the advantage in the prediction thread is pretty slim, close to a tossup in elections).