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I've found myself frequently in the situation on this site where I want to post to a thread but don't want to bump the thread. Sometimes it's just that I want to respond to a specific post in an old thread without necrobumping, sometimes a thread is kind of dying out and is just me and another person going back and forth and I don't want to bombard the front page with repeated bumps of our responses, and other times I can't resist responding to a thread that I just don't want to actually promote attention to.

Now on certain other forums, a feature exists to post to a thread without bumping it to the top of its board or to the top of the forum. It's usually called saging in my experience. To my knowledge there's no way to do that on this website, but I sure do wish there was. Would this be something the community would want or is it just me? To the mods, is this even something that would be possible? A sage feature?