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Had pokemon let's go Eevee since launch and really enjoyed the game. However i knew i needed online to complete the dex. Only got online a few days ago, thanks to abusing the family group option. Yesterday i thought i'd attempt to fill my pokedex. 


Well, i did get a shock. First of all the online for trading is absolutely barebones. No GTS, no pokebank communication, no pss, no way to trade with friends, no way to search specific pokemon.  No other methods of communication, so no way to give a thumbs up to decent traders. Just a code system, probably designed for use between friends. It's pretty much a lottery. Having found out how to trade pokemon wisely on both ORAS and Sun/Moon, (Completing my pokedexes pretty quickly), i expected to be able to pull off some astute trades and do similarly this time. No chance though. Not even sure what the problem is. I've been offered ridiculous trades on many occasions, with no way to communicate. I only needed about 8 pokemon, as luckily my son traded me some from go. I found myself feeling lucky anyone would even trade me a kadabra or machoke so it could evolve. I was being offered magikarps for my kadabra/haunter/graveller/machokes! There were only a few traders decent enough to trade me 1 of those 2nd evolution pokemon. After spending hours with (Mostly) timewasters, i managed to gather all pokemon except for mankey. (Well, strictly speaking i need sandshrew too, as the 1 i managed to get was Alolan. So technically still need Kantonian 1.) MANKEY, FFS! I'm led to believe it's pretty common on pikachu, yet people are treating it like gold dust. I took to chaining so i could catch dragonites and pinsirs yet still no-one is interested in trading me a mankey. Now, i'm just trying to get a decent supply of region specific pokemon to try for a mankey. I've even taken to calling 1 of my pokemon "Mankey pls?" and showing it to them numerous times but still to no avail. Is there some sort of "Trading etiquette" around Let's go that i don't know about? Am i supposed to offer something specific for Mankey?


TLDR:- Is there anyone here kind enough to trade me a mankey? I have most region specific pokemon and some rare hitmonlees etc. If anyone is willing, hopefully we can set up our own specific code so we can (hopefully) find each other.  I will be checking this post regularly and will be able to jump on Let's go in a moments notice if need be. If anyone is kind enough to trade with me, thanks in advance!



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