JamesGarret said:

DQV is one game that I hope will be available on Switch´s online store, is there any word on whether that is being considered?

I'm really hoping for it too (a remake in DQXI's engine would be great but I'd be completely  happy with just a port), but sadly there's been no indication as to whether it's in the works or not at this point. They are making a movie based on Dragon Quest V that comes out later this year, so who knows, maybe it'll get announced+released as a tie-in.


And now I've just finished IV. I really like the pacing and separate stories (can see where Octopath got it's inspiration, not just from FF). I'd put it third in my DQ ranking so far. V>XI>IV>I>II. Need to finish VI and then III, VII, VIII and IX afterwards

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