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COKTOE said:
I much preferred Turok 2 to the original. That fog. It was bad, even for it's time.They did a great job of removing it,( and mostly improving the rest of the game ) in the sequel. I would say that base solely on it metacritic score, it's over rated. Decent game tho.

I agree on the N64 version.

However, on PC the fog was much less, at the same level as it's successor (which also has again less fog than the console version). In other words, the console version is overrated, but the PC version is just right. Too bad that the pricetag is just plain wrong (20€/$ for either Turok or Turok 2 digitally nowadys? GTFO!)

Mar1217 said: 
I didn't know what it is so I checked it out ... isn't that Doom with Dinosaurs instead ? (on first impressions)

And Bows and arrows, so you could also call it a linear version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, but with living instead of mechanic Dinosaurs.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 02 March 2019