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mZuzek said:

I just wanted to point out I don't think anyone ever expected BotW levels of either graphics or ambition. After all, this is Game Freak we're talking about here. It's not that people expect it to be like that - it's moreso that people are questioning why it can't be like that, when it's a franchise that's consistently sold massive numbers, much higher than those of Zelda and even Mario (3D). By all means, it should at least be as ambitious looking as those two are based on sales, if not more. It shouldn't be a matter of whether Game Freak is or isn't experienced with HD development, because when it's a franchise this big, the normal thing would be for there to be a massive budget and other development teams (who already have experience, in this scenario) helping out. Most people never expected this to happen, they're just questioning why it can't.

Maybe we should instead of calling GF lazy think about other possible reasons why they're so unambitious with the pokemon brand.
Maybe it has something to do with the complicated copyright and royalty situation of the pokemon brand? GF seem to have the exclusive right to develop mainline pokemon games(and remakes) but we actually don't know how big their share of the revenue is. Maybe their share is very small and they didn't have the financial capacity to heavily invest into the studio when they switched to Switch(lol) and Nintendo also wasn't keen on investing in GF because the games sell either way and because GF is a independent studio and not owned by Nintendo.