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deltazero said:
Whether this thread comes up you always get two kinds of people.
"I am circumcised/uncircumcised and chilled discussion"
"I am NOT mutilated/have a gross *****, insert strawman arguement and shame on you for not being like me"

This post is so wrong. 

Literally not a single person has criticized others for being circumcised. Nobody is saying that it's inherently bad, they have a problem with the PROCEDURE BEING DONE TO CHILDREN. because it IS a form of genital mutilation, it is a decision that affects people their whole life, and it should not be done on infants for anything other than medical reasons. That should be the end of the discussion, but apparently it's not. 

If you grow up and CHOSE to get circumcised, then that's completely up to you. your body and all. If you wanna pierce your dick or get subdermal implants, that's up to you. Your body, and all. you shouldn't have such a major choice forced upon you for no good reason. I pierced my dick (apadravya, if anyone's curious) but that doesn't mean I should pierce my kid's dick. My friend pierced her ears, doesn't mean they should pierce their kid's ears without the kid wanting it. you shouldn't be mutilating and modifying someone else's body, especially not part of their body that will be VERY important to them as they grow up and especially not before they have the cognitive function to have a say in the matter. 

The argument has always boiled down to: If you don't circumcise and your kid grows up to want to be, then he can be. If you do circumcise and your kid resents that decision, then they can't reverse it in any meaningful way; too bad for them. 

Considering you are an adult for 3x as long as you are a child/teen on average, it's stupid to make a permanent, life-long decision on behalf of someone else for a period of their life that will likely comprise about 1/4 of their total life. 

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