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curl-6 said:

Well, as someone who doesn't play Pokemon, here's my worthless two cents.

I can certainly understand that those who wanted this to the franchise's Breath of the Wild are a little underwhelmed, and yes, it would be nice if Pokemon got the AAA treatment.

On the other hand, this genuinely looks better than I was expecting. It's a step up from Let's Go graphically, and seems to deliver exactly what the producers promised; a more traditional Pokemon experience for the Switch. If it releases in November that gives them a further 8 months plus to polish it up, plus they'll likely be a lot more to it that we haven't yet seen in this brief preview.

People are comparing franchises that went from N64-GC-Wii-Wii U-Switch and a franchise that went from GB-GBA-DS-3DS-Switch along with a smaller team and development time. I dont know why anyone expected BotW level visuals.

It makes me wonder what people are going to say when AlphaDream releases a Mario & Luigi game on Switch, another series that has been handheld exclusive. Are people going to complain that it doesnt look like Mario+Rabbids?

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