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RingoGaSuki said:

Blurry as hell, but someone seems to have accurately leaked insight into the early development of Sword/Shield way back in April last year. Obviously stuff has changed since then, but it checks out imo, it's not claiming anything ridiculous. 

The idea for gym leaders/badges to be replaced with lords/medals doesn't seem to bad to me (though they've obviously changed that back to gyms, likely on feedback), the differing champion/E4 depending on version is intriguing too. 

The 'sword forme'/'shield forme' thing has shown up in a few other places too (specifically referring to Flygon, Tyranitar and... ugh, Charizard and Mewtwo.

Not surprising at all that Game Freak wasn't ready for HD development either, it shows.


Having given it time to digest, my opinions are largely positive for Sword and Shield though. It's nowhere near as ambitious as it should be, but it looks good if nothing else.

Being the male champion for shield just fits a lot with my avatar picture xD 

Pocky Lover Boy!