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Wyrdness said:
Nautilus said:

The bolded: Its not me that is hinting at that, its the Pokemon Company itself.Whenever they market some big project from them, its always the same suspects.But that dosent mean that people dont like the other gens.As I have said, you know, five times already.But Im done with this.I think I have made my point pretty clear, and when you are repeating something that I have already said, then I think you are just being stubborn.

Ábout the rest:I dont want to bet because I dont like to bully, because this is one easy win, but most of all, I dont like to bet with someone who takes it personal.Not only its not sportive, but the act of winning or losing wouldnt be something peaceful, like "Hey, you won.Goddammit, you were right!" or "Hey, you lost!Told you I was right.Time to use that funny avatar!".By all the replies you gave me, like saying that I was spouting some BS, that Im playing the victim card and so on, you would probably just call me names all the time, wether you win or lose, and I dont need it, nor want it.

Simple as that.

You were though that's a simple observation I'm not going to sugar coat it you played the victim in implying those who responded to you as simply not liking you being disappointed, the irony is the personal comment as your replies highlighted you taking things the most personal thinking we're all out to get you because you're disappointed and in the ad hominem attacks in this post here.

As for marketing ofcourse TPC are going to use the usual suspects that's the result of becoming a mascot the anime played a big role in cementing who is seen as a mascot not the games.

Some were.Some were arguing with me because I was dissapointed.At least thats the impression i got.Others, like zorg, were discussing with me about the sales of the spin off games, which I think i have cleared the misunderstandment.

Either way, im done with this.I think I made myself pretty clear on where I stand.For the ones that didnt, there are around 30 comments that i wrote in this thread to make anyone enlightened on my stance.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.