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ArchangelMadzz said:
V-r0cK said: 

Ththing about loot boxes in games that you already pay for is that it changes the design of the game.

iYou can choose to not buy lootboxes but you cannot choose to not have them in the game. This matters because the existence of them negatively effects your gaming experience due to how the game is balanced against you to try to get you to buy lootboxes.

It's like that with all micro-transactions which is what makes them so annoying and anti consumer. For example the last gun to unlock in the tiers system would take 50+ hours to unlock without spending money. We already know this wouldn't be the case without micro-transactions and would probably take a couple hours max to unlock if you couldn't buy them.

Its just always annoying when someone says "you don't have to spend money" when it doesn't take much to realise just how much their presence alone affects the gaming experience.

It makes me miss the days when wll the cosmetic items etc you could just buy outright with money. But lootboxes make it so these things are more expensive. If theirs a new costume pack instead of selling it for £5 they can make the probability such that if someone wanted to get them all it could take up to or more than £50 to randomly get them all. It's a disgusting business practice.

(Wow the keyboard typing on this site on smartphones is broken as hell) . 

I understand what you're saying.  At least you seem to actually know about the game whereas I feel others are just ranting for the cause.

Thanks everyone for going into these debates with me, I needed to find a way to kill time at work and usually I like to start things up here to do it lol.  Personally I'm not a fan of loot boxes either nor have I ever supported the cause, but at least Activision did make it optional (regardless of how tedious it may be to earn it for free).  That's pretty much all I was only getting at.  Anybody that actually plays the game would know this. 

The complainers should at least save their hate on a game that fully hides their content behind a loot box system.  Black Ops 4 isn't exactly the worst example :/

Got off work now, so I'm going to head home and play some Black Ops 4.  Dont worry, loot boxes will never be touching my wallet lol

P.S. Why stop at loot boxes? Lets stop DLC too! Gawd i miss the days when you know that when you bought a game and feels complete.  FFXV wouldve done a lot better if only lol