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mZuzek said:
spemanig said:

Yeah... ORAS doesn't make me confident for a Sinnoh remake, but I've given up on expecting anything special from GF. In many ways, I hope Sinnoh skips this gen with Let's Go serving as the remakes. On the other hand, ORAS tells me that perhaps a Platinum remake should be left in my imagination.

I get that you don't like the Sinnoh games, but they feel like the last games with a geographically complex region traversal wise. It would really bum me out if we didn't get at least one of those regions done to scale. The Unova games are, to me, the last competent Pokemon games, but they started the rapid streamlining of exploration we have now. S/S look like the same thing, so I feel like after the Sinnoh remakes, we'll literally never get a Pokemon game designed the way I like them again. Short of a BotW-style reboot. Which I don't ever see happening, frankly.

Yeah, I'm no fan of the Sinnoh games, but if anything they would benefit the most from a (well-done) remake, since the biggest issue with them was gen 4's sluggish gameplay. I'd be quite okay with gen 4 remakes.

flashfire926 said:

Never got the hate for OR/AS. Are people still salty about the battle frontier? It was a Ruby/Sapphire remake, not an Emerald remake.

edit: OR/AS is head and shoulders above all the other 3DS Pokemon games.

I personally hate it for two reasons:

1. they fucked the soundtrack really bad. Like, not HG/SS level where it was only a few songs they fucked up, no. The whole soundtrack was fucked up. Memorable songs like Team Aqua/Magma Battle, Route 113, Route 120 and many more were completely and utterly destroyed by new arrangements that sounded completely sterile and devoid of any real emotion or impact. The music felt utterly bland and generic, all of it, and that's a stark contrast coming from gen 3's original soundtrack which was anything but that - it was iconic and memorable, even if not always great. Annoying or not, trumpets were a defining feature of Hoenn and getting rid of them got rid of most of that game's essence. That said, there are a handful of good remixes in OR/AS, such as Archie/Maxie's theme and Route 111. But the vast majority of it was ruined.

2. the story. I mean, they didn't need to do much - most people would agree R/S/E's story wasn't exactly the greatest thing ever, but at least it was never a nuisance. It was just kinda there. OR/AS, though? They really went all out in shoehorning story beats into literally every single thing you do, and when all of it was terribly written and full of cringy moments, it just ruined the whole game.

See, this was the approach in the original games:
Wanna enjoy Pokémon Contests? Cool, enter the building and go have fun. If you don't want to, just don't.
Wanna catch elusive legendaries? Cool, when you get everything you need, just go after them, if you want.
Did you just so happen to save the world? Yeah, I guess you did just so happen to save the world. Crazy how things go, right?

Meanwhile, this was the approach in OR/AS:
Wanna enjoy Pokémon Contests? Of course you do, you clearly have a natural talent for them! Here, let's force you into it!
Wanna catch elusive legendaries? Of course you do, after all Latias/Latios needs a friend and you're exactly who they're looking for! Here, try coming to their place and being forced into catching him/her! And if you want Rayquaza too, well it's no problem, you were also its chosen one despite the fact that you're some 10-year-old foreigner kid who has nothing to do with the traditional culture it's associated with!
Did you just so happen to save the world? Of course not. You were the chosen one to do it, no one else could've! You are the best trainer ever, how about we also force you into a super cringy relationship with May/Brendan just to show how amazing you are?


I hope you understand now.


The music was awesome. They HAD to get rid of the trumpets, they got so annoying. Gen 3 had some of the worst soundtrack in the series (second worst only behind X/Y).

The story is way more fleshed out in ORAS, the evil teams, Brendan/May, and the evil teams got their due. It makes R/S feel like it has an incomplete story by comparison. At least it actually had an adequate story, unlike pokemon X/Y. The game is made for 10 year olds! Most of the games are about saving the world as the chosen one. How is ORAS different in any regard?

Are you talking about Mirage spots? How is that a con? Don't go catching them if you dont want to, you're not forced to do it.

ORAS has more fleshed out secret bases, the dexnav, rematching trainers, sneaking mechanic, and more which none of the 3DS games ever had.

Giving you a free Latias was stupid. Though thank god it didnt give us a free gen 1 starter an hour into the game and lucario as part of excessive fanservice.

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