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Splatoon 2 down to the 15th slot and trying to limp its way the 3m mark. Interesting how the legs have really dwindled on this impressive game. Mario Odyssey down at the 20th slot, just hovering in and out of the top 20 depending on how many new releases come in each week...another might game that seems to have fallen a bit.

On the flip side, Zelda still has extremely strong legs, will be interesting to see if Link's Awakening affects that or not. Smash Bros is still going strong and set to surpass Splatoon 2 sometime this year as the best selling title on the charts, as long as its legs continue like this. NSMB U is now the Mario game to get. It didn't get a huge surge and launch, but has really strong legs and seems to have cut off the legs of Odyssey.

Girls and Panzer looks like an interesting game...might have to import that to see if it is any fun.