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It's unfortunate/weird that Melee will not be back at this year's EVO.

Though I guess its understandable considering the negative reaction regarding the Bo3 until Finals rule, the complications of setting up equipment for Melee (its using CRTs for Pete's sake), and the rather rocky relationship between the Smash community (probably more on the Melee side than general) and the FGC. Though if Melee were to be left out, I am glad Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has shown great promise in the competitive scene to be considered into the EVO lineup. It will be interesting to see where the meta goes after April ends when Joker and 3.0.0 are live (plus, you have to imagine something being set up for reveal when the Smash Ultimate Finals happen).

Anyways, the usual mainstays are also here (i.e., Street Fighter V, Tekken 7), the big game from last year (DBFZ), and some new entries like MK11, Soul Calibur VI, and Samurai Shodown. Will look forward to another great event.

Edit: Forgot to mention potential content updates around E3 as it has happened before.

Last edited by Kai_Mao - on 26 February 2019