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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I didn't realize how big of a deal this was at first. I didn't know what 8chan was, I think I had heard before that it was basically 4chan but worse, but I don't go on 4chan either. 

I kind of blew it off as something only internet aficionados would care about, but now i'm not so sure ... 

Apparently this site is known for a lot of racism, pedophilia, etc. ... and not in the "lele memes" kind of way.

Originally I thought they cancelled the AMA and so I believed no harm was done. But ... they actually went through with it? Why? WHY? 

This is one of the oddest things to come out of it:

I get that jokes are jokes and I doubt the person who wrote this is actually homophobic, but seriously? Who thought this was ok to write as a PR spokesperson for your company?

I'm just so disappointed with THQ Nordic's behavior the past few months. 

There's no pedophilia or child porn on 8chan. Racism, though, well, that's probably there. Also, literally everything on 8chan is in the "lele memes" kind of way.