John2290 said:

As much shit as Inquisition gets, it was a good game and more importantly for bioware it was successful for EA along with the two before it even if they have given up on ME with Andromeda hopefully they haven't given up on DA. 

Anthem... Oh lad, that was going to be a failure in any good are fans eyes no matter what. They would have done so much better with it had they focused on copying destiny instead of trying to bring single player RPG elements into it. Should have been honest and refined their loiter shooter. 

Inquisition is a great game and I've logged my 2nd most hours on it out of all games I've played this gen (playing it again now). People complained about petty things like "There's too many fetch quests.", there are hardly any and if you don't want to collect the shards, don't. 50% of the larger missions are linear paths like DA:O and then we have an open world full of varied locals and missions, plus the epic dragon fights. My only issues were lack of dick options in dialogue (I can't be an elf who thinks humans are dicks) and high tier loot is only attainable from end game dragons and aren't as good as some craftable items.

I don't understand why in 2014 when it came out (5 years ago) they didn't start immediately working on the next one. It was well received by critics, sold really well. Since Bioware have released 2 (both of which didn't meet expectations of the series set before it) and cancelled 1 (Shadow Realms could have been a rival to Diablo for all we know). Anthem seems to lack Bioware's strength which is why it fails because even with gameplay shortcomings, stories could keep you invested (weirdly was the other way around for me in ME:A).

Now, I feel we might never get a DA4, I wanted to punch Solas again. 

Hmm, pie.