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I played in on the Switch until the demo suggested pre ordering the game, then I checked it on the eshop to find that there is 2 versions to pick from, the 30e base game and then the 40e deluxe game... so I'm already thinking if I pay 30e I'm not getting the full game experience, then on top of that I was thinking that there's loot boxes so the buying doesn't stop at 40e as I guess the levels up are going to slow down pretty fast once you get passed the first 10 levels or so, it was already taking a couple of events to get a box by the end of the demo.

The thing that killed it for me though was that by the end of the attempted push of purchase though was when I went to go back to the game and got a fairly shitty reminder that if I didn't pre order the game and pay right now I would miss out on 2 items which were pre order bonus's and I'd be missing out if I didn't shell out the full 40 right there and then without waiting to find the reviews. That was the end of me having the beta on my Switch, either go down the route of Free to play games loaded with micro transactions or charge 30 or 40 for your games, at the point where you ask me for both I just check out right there. I love paladins because that's a free game which doesn't bug too much for cash but offers all the game for free if you want it.. I've played it a ton and spent real money on in game items twice now.

Still though, impressions of the game was.... I thought the game was okay, but the Ubisoft trying to nickle and dime me fairly hard during the beta was just already too much and I wanted out from that by the end of the demo.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?