Amnesia said:

So they rarify the quantity of shares available, making its more difficult to buy then so it lift up the value ?
My banker told me : "don't worry, with 14 units you will always find a buyer instantly, it is a tiny quantity". But then if someone wants to buy 14000 units in once, because Nintendo will have rarified it by letting 1 million less available today, the guy who want to buy 14000 units will have to put more money on the table to convince other holders to sell ? So this increases the selling cost of the share ?

Another question :
is this quantity, the quantity of buy/sell performed on the last open day of trade ? or is this the total number of share in the different quotation places ?

That looks like daily volume to me, but it could be weekly or monthly depending on the context.

Nintendo has about 142m outstanding shares, so it is definitely not the total available.

And yes, in reference to your first paragraph, buying back shares increases their value.  They did you a favor.  Now your stock is worth more.

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