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RolStoppable said:
Amnesia said:

Could the main Pokemon alone in begining of Decembre 2019 produce more sales than Smash + the 2 Pokemon remake + Mario Party ?


Too many people have made it a habit to overstate the impact of Pokémon on hardware sales. The way they talk about it, you'd think that Pokémon games have been selling 25m+ copies per installment, but the sales data shows otherwise.

Pokémon can be expected to sell 15-20m lifetime just like SSBU could be expected to, so Pokémon merely matches SSBU. Granted, Pokémon's initial sell-through will be higher than SSBU's, but its legs will be shorter because new Pokémon titles are released more frequently than SSB games. Similar lifetime sales, but different sales curves.

Pokemon not drive much hardware now, but Animal Crossing is another consumer, sell less software but increase more hardware, i beleive.