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Kerotan said:
Soundwave said:
Sony doesn't want to put their top content/top games on PSNow, it's a side service that they treat as a small potatoes part of their business.

MS is going all in with Gamer Pass and xCloud, that's the major difference.

Up until recently wasn't PSNow like just old PS3 titles? Sony doesn't want that to be the future of gaming because they do well as is, Microsoft has no such incentive to keep the status quo intact.

PS now is basically the beta for next gen. You will see it's true form next year. 

I don't see Sony winning this battle. It's going to be one of the real big contenders like MS, Google, Amazon, or Apple. Sony is small potatoes, they should have pushed PSNow harder in the past but they're too attached to the traditional game console model and they're kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

PSNow has been available for almost 5 years now in North America ... how do they not even have a smartphone app for it? How did they not have PS4 content available on it until very recently? They were not taking that very seriously. 

MS hasn't had the same success with physical hardware so they don't give a crap if that part of the industry goes up in flames. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 23 February 2019