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So I find it kind of annoying the number of articles in the past 6 months that drone over how Gamepass is a game changer and Sony needs a response to it. Its just funny because Gamepass was MS's reply to Sony's already established PS NOW service. Just like Cross Play functionality, and Mid Gen Upgraded Hardware the media seems to rally behind Microsoft for doing what Sony had initially established. Take a look.....

Playstation Now

-service has over 750 games ready to stream

-Available on PS4, PC, Soon to return to Phones

-Mostly Stream, but just added ability to download select games directly



-250 games available

-Available on XB1, PC, with Strong rumors of Switch 

-Currently is only download


Say what you will about which is the better service; PSNOW being stream only leaves it at the whim of internet speeds and other bandwidth issues. Gamepass has stable downloads to play on XB1 but this raises the question, how will this service work for next gen and their plan to touch other devices? STREAMING is the only answer to that, as you cannot play native games coded for other consoles. So PSNow is actually ahead of the curve for what is supposed to be MS's master plan with the service. Yet PSNOW also sports more than double the games available than Gamepass and makes a shit ton more money then anyone seems to be giving it credit for....



PSNow earned around $143 Million out of the total $273 Million made in Game Subscriptions in 2018


With this information, why pray tell does the Media keep pretending MS is leading this charge on Subscription/Stream gaming?


Is it because of the information of their Server Farms? Because all of that sounds good on paper but completely untested. I am not a tech expert, but as long as only half of the US has internet and US internet consistency remains dodgy I don't see even MS's High tech stream capability shirking the same issues PSNow has.

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