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CaptainExplosion said:
Wyrdness said:

Problem is the move is smart in that it gives MS more market penetration regardless of their hardware sales, Switch is already a platform where people double dip and it can easily be passed off as buy the Xbox version for higher fidelity or the Switch versions for portability of MS titles. It essentially turns Switch units into Xbox units granting them access to the portable market while allowing Switch more titles in its library, they're working on Live support for the platform so this wouldn't surprise me and would be a smart move by them.

But won't it hurt Nintendo somehow?

It won't as it helps push the Switch as a platform as MS essentially would be third party support it mainly targets Sony as for them it would mean NS and Xbox would be a sort of pseudo unified platform. Keep in mind with the NS being a hybrid the portable market consistently hits 75m plus units with a good potential for 100m now add what any future Xbox platform may sell on top of that and that is the potential consumer base Sony would be up against with this move it's very forward thinking as it adds one competitor's userbase to their own, it's as smart as Nintendo turning the portable market into a factor for the home console market with a hybrid form factor.