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if this is true, I wonder if this type of partnership, along with xcloud being able to stream xbox games on any device, could be the way Microsoft finally breaks through in Japan, it's already basically non-existent there so the only way to go is up

we've already seen Microsoft being fine with Xbox One/Windows 10 exclusives but that was always different imo because Windows 10 was still owned by them and their own ecosystem (though we did see some games on Steam). The question with all of this stuff was always going to be "well how much does it affect Xbox console sales if you can get the exclusives on other things" but so far it doesn't seem to have really affected it much? In fact for 2018 I think for most of the months they were actually significantly better sales wise compared to 2017, correct me if i'm wrong.

If putting stuff like Game Pass on PC and potentially Nintendo Switch along with xcloud being able to be used on mobile devices allows them to make sales off of people who were never going buy an Xbox in the first place, then ultimately that's just more money they are making compared to before that they otherwise wouldn't have gotten with the benefit of greatly expanding their userbase and exposure of these games while not really affecting their console sales much at all, though that will remain to be seen if this turns out to be true

where as on the other hand Game Pass could allow Nintendo to get games that they maybe otherwise wouldn't have seen on Switch like big AAA games (and we've already seen them testing it out with streaming only versions in Japan)

damn this is wild to think about the possibilities and what it could all mean for the future of the industry