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Miyamotoo said:
DonFerrari said:

So can now I have an agreement that Reggie was BSing when pointing to the time in development as reason for RDR2 not showing on Switch? Because before you said he was right.

I also couple of times said he is partially right, again, even if they wanted to release RDR2 on Switch they couldn't because huge development time of game that becgn around 7 years before Switch was released.

And I have pointed to you the obvious information that 2 years is more than enough time to port it. So he isn't partially right, he was just doing PR damage control.

Plenty of games got ported in much lower time. From memory even remasters take less than this time on small studios. So a game with 3000 people I don't really think 2 years to adequate the engine would be insurmountable obstacle. Again, how many games we know started development in other platforms and just at the end got ported? 

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