curl-6 said:
jonathanalis said:
Other example of why resolution is overrated. If we didnt call DF for pixel counting, we would never notice the resolution is so low. I hope someday the community realize that.

You're probably right tbh, had DF not told us I doubt anyone would ever have known it wasn't HD in TV mode.

As much as I love reading/watching DF's content as someone with an interest in the technical side of making games, I do sometimes feel like it inevitably makes people place too much important on specs like the number of pixels.

can be interesting sometimes though to see things like Anthems optimization for the PS4P and X1X, seemed that DF figured that there was more work on the playstation side of things to make the game run smoother on the platform where it would probably earn them more money since it's outselling the X1X by such a large margin, just those times when power isn't the only factor in how a game runs on a certain system.


Yoshi though, I would agree that people would not have imagined that to be sub 720p when on a tv screen, it really is beautiful to look at, just such a playground of bizarre textures mashed together to create a world unlike anything else in games that I can think of.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?