There is this huge misconception that Switch is not capable of running many PS4 games, because of it's specs. Very false. If they wanted it, the developers could port at least 95% of the games to the Switch. The Switch's hardware is not the issue. Furthermore, since Switch is selling on par with PS4, it is clear to developers that there is going to be an install base big enough for their games. There is actually another issue holding developers back.

The issue is cart size. The bigger carts are expensive. Many 3rd party games are not being ported right now, because devs are waiting for cart prices to drop. My understanding is that Hellblade is not that big of a game, correct? That is why it is getting ported. Cart prices are low for Hellblade. GTAV on the other hand is a 7th gen game and it still isn't on the Switch. That game is huge. The issue is cart size. Games that are pretty looking, but small will come before games that are older but huge.