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JRPGfan said:
CosmicSex said:
I am fascinated by Crackdown 3 and its performance. Allegedly it did 4,000 copies down from about 40,000 for Crackdown 2.
Microsoft beat everyone over the head with Gamepass and one imagines that their goal was to use this to attract people to that service.
My question is, using their strategy, did losing 90% of your retail revenue retail sales game over game translate to sufficient Gamepass sales?
Or was it a complete wash due to lackluster reviews?

Tbh it seems this is their business plan.
High volume, small-mid budget, short developement cycle, game focus.... to be the netflix of gameing.

So they must believe it can work.
Maybe they just havent entirely figoured out how to get the ball running smoothly yet.
Hopefully Crackdown 3 isnt a exsample future developed games aimed at gamepass will follow.

This game is not a good advertisement for gamepass so I have a hunch that they will go all in at the start of next gen and make Halo Infinite a gamepass game.