curl-6 said:

Megiddo said:
Keep in mind that Hellblade's "low" settings are fairly low, able to be ran at ~50 fps on an overclocked 10 year old processor and 5 year old graphics card.

Is that 5-year-old desktop GPU though? Cos if so even a card from 2013 is likely going to have more grunt to it than a mobile GPU from 2015. Furthermore, we can see here that the aesthetic of the game is basically completely broken by running at these settings. It's more likely the Switch port will try to maintain the core look as much as possible which means it won't have the luxury of stripping things back in this way. The footage shown in the direct suggests they're taking an approach closer to Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein II where as much of the rendering pipeline as possible is kept intact with the tradeoffs being made in things like resolution, alpha, etc.

You just could have checked the video and then you'd know that they used a 750Ti coupled with a Core 2 Duo. That combo barely compares to the Xbox One (slightly more GPU power in theory, but that gets hold back by the dualcore CPU and it's FSB so much the Xbox should almost be able to run circles around the rig. In effect it's about what the Switch should reach.