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Conina said:
thismeintiel said:

Not really interested in the film. So far it seems like those who have watched the film like it, so there is that.

Unfortunately, I don't know if this film is going to make much profit, if any at all. They went crazy on this film, spending $170M on the budget alone. Probably could have shaved quite a bit off of that just having the actress be in the film, instead of insisting on her being CG.  Anyway, add in marketing and the theater's cut, this film is probably going to have to make ~$500M to break even. It looks like it is going to make ~$40M after its first five days at the DBO. Not a very good haul. The FBO, mostly China, is going to have to do some serious lifting.

You seem to be more interested about how profitable movies are than about the movies themselves.

But each to their own, i guess.

Not to defend thismeintiel but to an extent i am as well(for movies I enjoy and hope to get a sequel). The better the film does with profits the more likely to get a sequel right. For example I’ll be disappointed if Alita does badly overall box office because I really want a sequel lol.

Also just want to add I even if a movie isn’t my cup of tea but part of a genre I love I hope for it to be profitable so that we can see more movies in that specific genre, example if sci fi continuously were to bomb at the box office why would anyone make a sci fi film?