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Just got back from seeing it and wow! Honestly it's already one of my favorite movies of all time.

For those complaining about the big eyes being off putting. It's not! It's hardly noticeable after the first few minutes, and it's part of the reason this movie works. Along with the heart and soul, Alita is one of the most emotionally fragile and human characters ever put on screen. I often found myself agreeing with her point of view at all times. This movie would have not worked with any other actress asides from Rosa Salazar who absolutely killed it in her performance. She can make some pretty crazy anime faces in real life too. Both Christoph Waltz and Ali Mahershala were also high points. The whole cast was quite phenomenal.

The action is some of the best I've ever seen. Completely blowing all my expectations. Not much can be said without spoiling the movie so I'm just going to avoid doing that. Everyone whose skeptical should give this film a solid chance. The majority of the theater stayed after the credits to see the if there was anything after the film. Which sadly there wasn't. It's clear the audience love this film and want more!

People complaining about the critics. Here's one of the most positive, and honest things I read about the film and while it's simply a master piece. I still can't believe the film is 3.5 Petabytes in data size and her eyes alone are 8.5 million polygons per eye. Just a few fun facts that can be read in the link.