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estebxx said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

It's almost like this whole thing was nothing but xenophobic propaganda spoon fed to the masses to cover up the fact that the Dems/media were caught flat footed on the 2016 election and colluding themselves.

It's quite disturbing to me how much people will just believe anything the media tell them. This stuff is the modern day Red Scare/Cold War. 

Reminds me of this


Not even a Trump guy - he does many things I hate, but some things I like - which many can't seem to admit. And the fact that there's this gigantic anti-Trump circle jerk within the mainstream media, academia, major corporations, etc, gives me pause. It might sound silly and juvenille but I'd actually probably dislike the guy more if all these major groups and powers that be were on his side. The fact that are are all seemingly against him in unison (despite the world not coming to and end, business pretty much as usual going on in America, and actually an IMPROVED economy) is suspicious in and of itself to me and actually makes me more drawn to him.

Like Jesus christ, I've never seen one man get so much visceral hatred in my life, not even monsters like Hitler and Stalin!

The NPC meme is just so damn perfect, just goes right for the kill shot it terms of its commentary on these types of people. It completely discredits and dismantles the notion I suspect most of them think - which is that they're unique, rebellious, and independantly thinking individuals, when the reality can tend to be quite the opposite. I mean, there are probably 10's of millions of these peole that have 99% the same opinions and ideals on the matter, and repeat the exact same types of talking points. It's truly bizzare. It just rings boring and uninteresting to me I guess. Anti-Trump can be as group-think, establishment, and "lazy" as possible. Maybe that's why I'm repelled by it, despite my actually not liking many aspects of the guy myself.

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