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The very near-term does some rather dry, with Yoshi's Crafted World being the next first party Switch game I'm excited for, and that's still a month and a half away. Following that, Mario Maker 2 is going to be a big one for me, as I played the original a ton. My little one loves making levels for me to play.

Overall, a lot of the games they announced are not particularly interesting to me, but mostly it's because I have never heard of them. Perhaps if I look into some of them a little more (Daemon X Machina, Astral Chains), I would find them appealing.

I'm still playing through DQ11 on PS4. Yesterday I actually crossed the 100 hour barrier, and I've still got a ways to go. At the rate I'm going I will probably be beating the game around the time the Switch version comes out, and at that point I'll have to see if my interest is rekindled based on the additional 2D mode and character stories.

The only Rune Factory game I've ever played was actually Rune Factory 4, so I'm not certain I will be getting it again on the Switch, and Rune Factory 5 being in development is nice and all, but it's hard to get hyped for a game that will probably release first in Japan and then take several months, if not a year or more to become localized for a western release. It will inevitably be a day-one purchase for me, but I'd rather not think about it when it's so far off.

That new JRPG from the Tokyo Game Factory looked really awesome.

I just realized I started this thread OT and then slowly changed it into my opinions on the Direct. Sorry about that.