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The games main character really carried the game for me. The only reason I was somehow able to finish it and the george washington DLC. That should be a good thing, however, as for the game itself, it was festering with bugs, some of them game breaking, others immersion breaking. I then tried ACIII:Liberation, which also had bugs, and game breaking glitches. One of which made it impossible for me to pass a particular mission, and I never gave it another chance.

Really hoping they fix the issues with this game. I'll be playing it on a PC instead of a PS3 this time, however, there's still a bad taste in my mouth. I skipped AC4, despite the claims that it was the best. Those no-face bugs in Unity stuck out too. I've heard much better things about the two recent games, but, at this point, I'm very reluctant to try any of them. I'd give this game another chance but it can't have anywhere near as many bugs as it did back when I last played it.