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dx11332sega said:
I'm just guessing ? Because You know Sony moving it's headquarters to California and censoring japanese games from other threads? I think Sony wont censor Cyberpunk 2077 because the backlash it'll recieve and thus Sony moves somewhere else or Sony California changes there stance on skin being shown? SO Sony Japan is back I guess? IDK ?

California produces most of America's porn, dude.

Where exactly are you getting your information about California again...?

John2290 said:
vivster said:

Looks like you haven't played many sex games.

No. Oddly enough, I haven't but I'd find it hard to believe zero G sex in the mist at the top of the Giants bean stalk over a magicsl land compromised of fairy tales mashed up, inside a book can be beaten. 

I'm sorry you have such poor imagination.