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Off the top of my head

Batman V Superman - I hate Ben Affleck but i thought he played batman well

Star Wars Prequels - I don't know how this could have been any better? It was a time of peace before the empire took over so it was shown that way

The Last Jedi - A few stupid things and side quests but over all story was ok

Hobbit first movie - Most people will say it was slow, but to me it felt better paced that LOTR. I don't know I enjoyed it more. Perhaps LOTR music for me was just too corny.

King Solomons Mines / Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold - The low budget Indiana Jones movies

Bourne Identity (80s one) - Most people hated it cause it was less action. I liked it cause it was more story focused and explained things and investigated things, not just shot, blowout and run

Pretty much most of 80s horror movies lol - i.e. dolly dearest, piranhas, slugs. Terrible plots but i don't know were entertaining to watch lol.

I coudl go on forever, most 70s/80s movies that got scores in the 5s/7s i enjoyed (terrence hill / bud spencer movies, segal movies).