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A lot actually but for this thread I'll just say that I really like the DCEU movies. Some of them are more flawed than others sure, but I just can't understand the hate. I had a blast with Batman v Superman. Man of Steel is in my top 5 superhero movies ever. Suicide Squad, while dumb and flawed, kept the spirit of the comic with its dark comedy which I do love. Wonder Woman was alright. I haven't watched Aquaman yet but I have good hopes for it since I really liked his comic.

The movies haven't been as successful as the from Marvel, you'll get no argument from me on that, but I just don't understand the hate these movies get.

KManX89 said: 

The Fourth Kind is another film I hear a lot of "meh" things about, but found myself enjoying.

The one with the lead actress  from the RE movies right? I thought I was the only one who enjoyed that movie. I was so surprised to see the reviews after I watched it. It blew me away when I watched it.

Last edited by Spike0503 - on 10 February 2019