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Cobretti2 said:
Nogamez said:
Im still gutted the 7.0 update didnt add Snes games. Switch is beginning to look really lame for a 2yr old console. I mean ps4 we get games like MGS V, Mafia 3 and For Honour. On switch we get some 30yr old pixelated game. Wow thanks. Its not like the online store isnt full of pixelated garbage anyway. Can you tell im mad lol!!!!

The issue here is also a lot of Nintendo fans will not buy 3rd party games so we don't get that many announced. We are at the mercy of Nintendo to release something to feel the voids. They can't keep that void filled on their own.

At the same time some of the games being skipped is justified as the carts situation has made some developers cut corners and make you download loads of GBs to actually get the completed game. Makes it annoying and not wanting to own those games. I personally would pay more to get the full game on a larger cart.

The last few Nintendo consoles on reflection kind of feel like they come out of sync (because they needed to launch something rather then wanting to at the time) and 2 years to early or so or what would be the ideal period to meet Nintendo's full vision. Wii for example, was great but motion plus come out later. Imaging if that come out at launch as default. WiiU tried to do something great but failed and Switch kind of did what they wanted the WiiU to do. Now with the switch the OS is lacking (i.e. game saves tied to your system only), the game carts issue is causing stupid release were its just a launchers to install a digital copy and the dock really is nothing beneficial to the system in terms of specs. I honestly thought the Switch dock would be the Supplementary units that they patented before the switch was announced.




I thought the whole “ Nintendo fans only buy first party games” would have died out by now